Vote for Apple’s New Year’s resolution

The Optimist 5 dec 2017 Samenleving

From: Mr. Roland Pluut, Publisher
Uitgeverij The Optimist BV
Mercuriusweg 92
2516 AW The Hague

Attn: Mr. Tim Cook, CEO
Apple Inc.
Infinite Loop
Cupertino, CA 95014

RE: Zhengzhou students’ hidden slavery in production of the iPhone X

Dear Mr. Cook

Journalists for The Optimist have sourced strong indications that the Zhengzhou iPhone X issue has not been properly remedied. Despite earlier publication about the abuses apparently up to 3,000 students are being coerced to work under illegal circumstances at the Zhengzhou production plants of Foxconn to produce the iPhone X.

You may have been unware of this issue, therefore we would like to point out this apparent infringement of human rights, which doesn’t seem to align with your company policies as communicated to the public.

We assume you agree that 17-19 year old students in China should not be placed in a situation of working 11 hours per day in a so-called traineeship that has little or nothing to do with their education. And that in case they do not agree to enter this “traineeship” they will forfeit their technical school degree. Not only are these students forced into hard labor, but they are simultaneously deprived of a true traineeship needed for their future career.

Now that the issue is brought to your attention we request that, if the indications are confirmed, you inform us regarding the measures you will take to end this situation at Foxconn, to end such practices anywhere else in the Apple production chain, and to prevent this to occur again in the future, as well as to properly compensate those students that were victims of this scheme.

The Optimist is a Dutch publication of solution-oriented news. We are appalled at any apparent modern slavery in the production of the iPhone X. We hold Apple in high esteem. Apple as a modern multinational firm should be the forerunner in fair trade, corporate governance, and legitimate employment practices, especially with the youth, who merit our protection.

On December 5th, we published a short note to our readers about the aforementioned Zhengzhou iPhone X exploitation of young students. We have scheduled a follow-up on this case and to continue additional articles on the topic. Accordingly we would appreciate your response, for fair presentation to the public.


Roland Pluut, Publisher
The Optimist (Netherlands)

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18 reacties op “Vote for Apple’s New Year’s resolution”

  1. It is a disgrace that big multinationals like Apple who makes billions of dollars profit and hardly pays corporate tax still allow or even promote the labour misuse. When do they take their responsibility!!!

  2. I fully agree with the contents of the letter of mr. Roland Pluut of The Optimist

  3. Apple: I fully agree with the contents of this letter, mr roland Pluut/The Optimist Daily wrote to you.
    Shocking. Really!

  4. I would like to congratulate Roland Pluut and The Optimist with this letter and their research about the malpractices of Apple. I would also like to suggest that The optimist dedicates a publication on the question ‘what is it in the nature of humankind that makes us – knowingly- abuse other people? People that are in a weak position of power? From respected organisations as Apple to individuals like the president of the Catalan state Pujol and so many others? Could be go to the core of this issue? thank you.

  5. I fully agree with the contents of the letter mr.Roland Pluut wrote to you. I do hope you will change this shocking behaviour. Nel van Waveren.

  6. We will follow you closely and will not buy any Apple products until improvements are made.

  7. I agree 100% with the letter written bij Mr. Roland Pluut. This situation should be stopped immediately, just like any other abuse against humanity and our world by every other company.

  8. Lieve Appletjes, wat ik hier lees zal niet waar zijn…toch.
    Dit zal een vergissing zijn, Apple heeft dit niet nodig, dat weet ik zeker!!
    Stel me niet teleur en beschaam mijn geloof in jullie bedrijf niet a.u.b.

    Met hartelijke groeten,

    Jan de Bruin

  9. This is a good letter and it would surprise me very much if Apple would not respond!

  10. APPLE, this situation should be stopped immediately!
    This is abuse against humanity and is shocking
    I totally agree with this letter from Mr. Roland Pluut.

  11. Thank you for writing this letter and addressing this problem. This should be stopped immediately!

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